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Generally speaking, you can take advantage of our IT security services and eliminate your network’s vulnerability to dangerous threats. For example, hackers often deploy malware and other cyberattacks to access or destroy critical information. Furthermore, they can use stolen data to extort money or interrupt normal business processes. However, our IT security services can help assess, analyze, and ensure that your business is safe from cybercriminals. We will also use our experience to minimize the damage and downtime, even in the event of a security attack. In summary, take a moment to explore some of our many IT security services below.


Ever-changing threats require ever-evolving IT security services!

While cybercrime is on the rise, organizations large and small face an increased risk of cyberattacks. Afterall, cybercriminals are able to access confidential data due to security vulnerabilities in a company’s IT network. Therefore, we must identify and eliminate those weaknesses before they can be misused.  While expert firewall management is critical, it is only the very first and most basic step that needs to be taken.  Above all, OnsiteIn60 offers comprehensive IT security services that provide information on the security gaps in your network. First, our vulnerability assessment gives direction on how to best mitigate their risks. Next, the process offers your organization a better understanding of its assets and security flaws, reducing the likelihood of security breach.


Our IT Security Services start here!

Initially, the security risk assessment and analysis process can cover some or all of the following IT security services, depending on your goals. Overall, they are aimed to gather security data about your network.

Network-Based Scans

Identify possible network security attacks and see how to prevent them.

Application Scans

Test websites to detect software vulnerabilities in network and web applications.

Wi-Fi Network Scans

Focus on points of attack in the wireless network infrastructure.

Host-Based Scans

Locate vulnerabilities in servers, workstations and other network hosts.

Database Scans

Identify weaknesses in a database to prevent malicious attacks.

Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities in an organization’s personnel, procedures or processes.


We can help you manage these likely suspects.

As an example, malware or “malicious software”, seeks to compromise your data. In other words, it can steal, encrypt or delete your sensitive information. For this reason, our anti-malware program helps to prevent, detect and remove malicious software from your entire IT system, as well as individual devices. Similarly, a ransomware virus is a sophisticated form of malware that locks your computer data, then forces you to pay to restore access. Consequently, we provide a set of solutions that help to detect ransomware threats, prevent them from infecting your systems, and recover quickly in case of attack.

Additionally, your business data can land in the wrong hands, especially when it’s sent through email, website forms, file transfers or other means. For this reason, we can teach you about our data loss prevention (DLP) technologies. In essence, we use DLP solutions to prevent users from sending sensitive data outside the corporate network, either accidentally or intentionally. Likewise, another way to prevent a breach is with proper firewall configuration. In short, firewall security blocks the spread of computer attacks, just like a wall that is constructed to halt the spread of fire. In this case, it works to filter out dangerous traffic. As a rule, we use advanced types of firewall solutions which identify specific dangers at a granular level.

IT Security Services are a long term and regular network maintenance tasks not a one time thing.  As such, they should be an integral part of every proactive IT support, IT services or network support plan.


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