Filter or restrict access to potentially harmful content.

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Don’t give employees an opportunity to access NSFW content.

When we refer to Content Security, we are talking about a number of tools, company policies and techniques that restrict users from accessing potentially harmful content while using company devices, or from within the confines of the company network. For example, web filters can block employees from accessing sites containing specified keywords relating to topics such as gambling, alcohol, exploitation and sites of a sexual nature. When you implement strict content security practices, you will protect the integrity of your organization, keep your staff informed, and reduce the likelihood of a devastating data breach.


Use technology to keep inappropriate content off your network.

Content Security Tools

You may have heard the term NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in regard to what is appropriate to view on the job. However, did you know that these sites can literally threaten your company’s network security?  When a member of your company views a website with inappropriate content, they may be violating a plethora of company policies. Additionally, they may be displaying the first red flag for sneaky employee behavior. In fact, many organized criminal gangs can advertise seemingly legitimate services on some of these sites of ill-repute. Furthermore, many ads contain harmful scripts, that once downloaded, can impact your network with devastating consequences.  However, once you deploy a web filter, employees will not be able to access those restricted sites.

Similarly, you can use email filtering to block spam ads before they are received or opened by an unsuspecting employee. Before you blame every employee who’s ever received an email about male enhancement pills, keep this in mind. Without proper content security measures in place, some users may simply stumble across adult content by mistake. Save everyone the awkwardness and filter it out from the start.



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