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Block outside threats from your network.

In network security, endpoint security refers to a method of protecting the corporate network when accessed via remote devices such as laptops or other wireless and mobile devices. Each device with a remote connection to the network creates a potential entry point for security threats. Therefore, proper configuration defends an enterprise’s perimeter by securing the devices that are the gateways into the network.


Powerful software for a secure network.

Endpoint Security

If you have employees working remotely, you need a way to protect the company network when accessed by mobile devices. This includes any device that connects to your wireless network such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. The need to protect the company network from outside threats is greater now than ever. Endpoint security enables your organization to support remote working with confidence. As a result, employees can access the company network from home, client sites or other remote locations securely. We can assume the role of network administrator for smaller organizations. Conversely, we can support existing admins to provide additional cover or extra support during peak times.



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We believe that IT security services should be competent, affordable and adjusted to your business requirements. For this reason, we developed a flexible range of plans including features like endpoint security, for example. Additionally, we offer mobile device management, employee training, dark web monitoring, and much more. Customized to fit the way you do business, our plans are unique to your application environment. We also have affordable plans for ongoing IT management. See our support packages to find the one that meets your needs and budget.