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Protect proprietary information from being stolen.

Insider threat detection can help prevent info being leaked by someone who has authorized access within your organization. While most outside hackers do their work purely for financial reasons, a person inside your organization may cause mischief for a variety of reasons. Whether it is due to a disgruntled employee or a greedy mole trying to sell company secrets, many companies find it hard to pin down the cause. Unfortunately, stolen data can wreak just as much havoc regardless of the reason.


Is a shady employee saving sensitive files to a thumb drive?

Insider Threat Detection

You need to protect precious company information from misuse, even if that threat comes from an employee in your company. Many employers miss the signs of insider threats or don’t think it could happen to them. Unfortunately, the reality is that insider threats are very real. Often, the perpetrator has a grudge against the company. Competitors may have offered them a financial incentive, but sometimes they simply want to create havoc.

We use insider threat detection software to greatly reduce these threats as well as helping with data protection compliance. Advanced insider threat detection software constantly monitors your network for instances of unusual behavior. For example, it can detect an employee copying and/or removing intellectual property or proprietary data residing on the network. Augmented Intelligence software learns user behavior on the fly, letting it detect and alert network administrators of suspicious behavior.



It pays to protect your network.

We believe that IT security services should be competent, affordable and adjusted to your business requirements. For this reason, we developed a flexible range of plans including features like insider threat detection, for example. Additionally, we offer identity access management, employee training, dark web monitoring, and much more. Our CTO has customized plans to fit the way you do business. In that way, our plans are unique to your application environment. We also offer affordable plans for ongoing IT management. See our support packages to find the one that meets your needs and budget.

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