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If you run a law firm, then you already know how much legal IT support matters. Legal practices have unique IT service needs. Usually, we focus on improving security, document management, cloud storage, and practice management software. After all, to move your business forward, you need to keep your confidential files safe and accessible, your staff productive and profitable, and your systems reliable and compliant. By understanding the unique IT needs of law firms, we provide dependable and efficient legal IT support to meet your organization’s goals.

Document Management

Often, handling paper documents can seem like a full-time job in itself. For example, you must file and store court records, testimonies, billing, and contracts. However, with document management solutions, we can help integrate information, simplify storage, and improve searchability.

Cloud Solutions for Legal

Are you tired of dealing with servers, IT headaches, and downtime? Do you want your attorneys to work with clients from anywhere, on any device? If so, legal IT services like private cloud may be your best solution. Everyday, we help law firms move their software, documents and email to the cloud.

Data Security

Unfortunately, legal firms face a high level of data vulnerability due to the high volumes of sensitive information. However, you can keep confidential files safe. For instance, we’ll help with building security plans, breach response, security policies, disaster recovery, email archiving, and data encryption.

Software & App Support

Fortunately, modern legal software can help your law firm manage cases and clients, keep track of your data, and increase productivity. Better yet, our team has a deep understanding of the various technologies and applications available for the legal industry today. And we make it easy to use them to your benefit!

Disaster Recovery

What if business-crippling disaster occurs right before a trial or meeting a client? Are you sure that you can immediately get your critical files back? Fortunately, when you choose our backup solutions, you can be confident that your firm is always up and running, no matter what.

Flexible IT Support Plans

Whether you have a one-person legal practice or a multi-partner law firm, we have the right IT services plan to cover your unique technology needs. For example, OnsiteIn60 offers four legal IT support packages, each providing a set of technical services to fit legal service providers of any size.


Our legal IT support specialists know your applications!

With all of the legal software out there, determining just what your practice needs can be confusing. OnsiteIn60 can help you determine the best options, whether you are starting your own firm or looking to switch applications.  Regardless of whether your firm uses one of the more popular applications, or something else, we can help. Our team of Legal Application Specialists can easily migrate your software to your cloud-based environment. Then, we’ll help you build the specific cloud-based solution that meets your needs.

First of all, we provide a base package that includes the complete Microsoft® Office suite. In addition, you’ll get the latest anti-virus and anti-spam protection, as well as nightly backups of your data. You can also customize your environment to add any specific legal applications your firm already uses or wants to offer. For example, you can move your existing licenses to the cloud. Or, on the other hand, you can take advantage of our Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing model for many legal software applications.




Single point of contact for all your technology needs. We provide a full spectrum of IT solutions.


We also offer flexible rates to better fit your legal IT support needs and budget. We offer legal IT service packages as well as customized support.


Essentially, our around-the-clock server and network monitoring & maintenance keep your critical IT systems up and running.


Fast and smart remote support rather than classic Help Desk. We guarantee supreme customer service.


You get a dedicated IT engineer who knows your industry, business and technology needs.


As a rule, we can be OnsiteIn60 minutes from the moment of your request! We have the fastest response time in the industry!