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A secure network starts with properly-trained users.

Businesses of all sizes experience security threats. Unfortunately, cybercriminals have made these threats more common, as well as increasingly more daunting. Meanwhile, hackers continually test IT infrastructure at every level as they become more and more sophisticated. Large corporations are usually the first to beef-up their security measures. However, even small businesses need to follow suit or be put at risk. For this reason, criminal organizations and hackers increasingly perceive small and mid-size businesses as attractive targets. Many small businesses operate under the notion that their organization is too small to be noticed. Unfortunately, this is a naive and potentially disastrous assumption.

At OnsiteIn60, we don’t believe in cutting corners when it comes to IT security. We always layer your network with the latest in cyber security software and current best practices. Our techs aim to make information protection simple by limiting your exposure through complete data-security solutions. As a result, you’ll get true peace of mind, for both you and your customers.


Educate yourself and your team to keep your network safe.

Security Awareness Training

Generally speaking, your employees act as your first line of defense. In other words, if you have even one employee who routinely falls for phishing emails, it’s time to strengthen that defense. For example, you can take steps to ensure that emails and online activity guarantee your cybersecurity, instead of destroy it. After all, if one employee makes a mistake, it can leave you and your clients at the mercy of cyber criminals. Therefore, to strengthen your defenses from a malware or phishing attack, your employees can take comprehensive Security Awareness Training. Educate your first line of defense to be cyber savvy and malware aware, and you’ll safeguard you and your clients!

Technology Blog

Encourage your employees and tech personnel to check out our IT blog. We post articles without the tech jargon, aimed at end users, so you can stay up-to-date on relevant IT news.


Ask a CTO

More than just an FAQ, you and your employees can visit our website any time to pose specific questions to our founder and CTO, Akiva Goldstein. Akiva aims to provide thorough answers on each topic. Then if we think your question might help other users, we’ll remove any identifying information and add it to our website. You can also browse previous questions or search by topic. Best of all, it’s completely free!


Educating your team is affordable and worth it!

Above all, we believe that IT security services should be competent, comprehensive, affordable and adjusted to your business requirements. For this reason, we developed a flexible range of security management plans. OnsiteIn60 has customized our plans to fit the way you do business by making each one unique to your application environment. We also have affordable plans for ongoing IT management. See our support packages to find the one that meets your needs and budget.