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Count on NYC’s Network Support Specialists

When it comes to network support, NYC businesses choose OnsiteIn60. Whether you need help with your current IT network setup, want to upgrade your network capabilities, or need a new office network installation, it pays to call in the experts.

Planning any computer networking correctly is key to a successful network project. While many of our competitors only perform selected tasks, such as running cable, they are often unable to complete the whole job. That means you could be required to hire several different companies for cabling, connecting & terminating jacks, connecting to equipment, performing remote network support, NYC onsite user support, and future upgrades. OnsiteIn60 can perform every part of the job for hardware installation, data cabling, and network support, as well as long-term maintenance. One single point of contact means no delays, no confusion, no mistakes, and no extra expense.

Since 2001, OnsiteIn60’s network experts have helped small and medium-sized businesses get the most out of their computer networks. If it involves data cables or wireless networking, you can count on Onsitein60 for the best network support in NYC.



Let’s Create Your Map to Success!

Whether you are opening a new business, moving to a new office, or just replacing outdated infrastructure, our certified network support consultants will analyze your situation and make recommendations to help plan your new network. Then they’ll make a network map to serve as the blueprint for your technology infrastructure. 

Equally important, you’ll want to plan for the expenses associated with installing and maintaining a computer network. For large network projects, you may need to purchase hardware and software, or pay for cabling supplies. We make it easy for you to budget by offering a choice of flat rate plans or low hourly rates. Our flexible network support rates are designed to work within any budget. OnsiteIn60 also provides a free site survey and next day quotes to ensure you can have the information you need to make an informed decision regarding your project. As a result, you’ll have the freedom to direct funds to your core business functions while maintaining a healthy network.

No matter the size of your business, our customized approach is the most effective way to meet the unique needs of a wide variety of network support initiatives.  We’ll even work around your schedule during installation.

Finally, we’ll be here to offer continued maintenance and emergency technical support for your new network. Even well-maintained networks occasionally have problems. You may need a network support guru to fix the issue. That’s why we are available 24/7 to provide troubleshooting for any issue your network may encounter. Our headquarters is just around the corner from the Empire State Building, making us conveniently located and able to dispatch our network support NYC techs faster than any other New York City support firm! Emergency IT network support in NYC is just a phone call away!


To Name But a Few…
  • Network Troubleshooting

  • Hardware Repair

  • Current Security Analysis

  • Onsite & Remote Network Support

  • Network Diagnostics

  • Network Security Enhancements

  • Server Management Implementation

  • Application Support

  • 24/7 Network Monitoring


It Pays to Invest in Proper Security Measures

In an instant, a hacker can cause the loss of irreplaceable data about prospects, or clients. Whether intentional or unintentional, network security breaches happen every day in New York and all around the world. For that reason, properly implemented and well-maintained network security is more important than ever. It protects the integrity of your company’s data by targeting a variety of threats,  and stops those threats from entering and spreading throughout your network. 

To prevent a breach, you’ll want to work closely with a network support specialist who has the most up-to-date network security experience. At Onsitein60, we can design and implement a network support plan that meets both your security requirements and your budget.

First, we’ll perform an analysis of your current security situation to identify vulnerabilities and recommend specific solutions for closing any gaps.  After a thorough assessment, we’ll be able to implement any necessary network security upgrades, enhancements, or additions, such as adding a firewall or virtual private network (VPN). It’s true that New York is the city that never sleeps, so you’ll also get 24/7 Network Monitoring to make sure your network is protected and available around the clock. Most importantly, we’ll keep your system up-to-date, to protect it from new threats as they evolve.

Contact us for more details about your network support options and how we can assist.


Customized for Your Business

With the ever-rising costs of running a business in New York City, we believe in keeping network support affordable. We also know that you shouldn’t have to skimp on quality. When it comes to custom network support, NYC businesses often require the best it consulting for custom-tailored plans. We are always willing to adjust to your unique schedule, budget, and business requirements. For this reason, we have developed a flexible range of network support plans – from fully managed to proactive assistance. We’ll never try to stuff our plans with services you don’t need and won’t use. Instead, we make recommendations based on a thorough audit of your current technology situation. By working with our clients and listening to their needs, we are able to find solutions for any NYC business.

See our network support packages to find the one that best meets your needs and budget. Or simply give us a call to put together the perfect plan for your unique business.