Deploy technology to advance your mission.


Technology to make the world a better place.

OnsiteIn60 has been providing nonprofits with IT support services for almost two decades. Whether you’re running a small nonprofit or a large one, you operate within tight budget constraints to ensure that the majority of funds go toward your core mission. With the right technology, you can boost the success of your mission by streamlining operations, effectively managing resources and increasing fundraising efforts. With our unparalleled experience working with nonprofits, OnsiteIn60 can benefit your organization in multiple ways.


We’ll help you make the most of your IT budget.

First of all, we understand that nonprofit IT support is very different from what is required in a corporate environment. Above all, you have to meet tight budget constraints in order to fund your core objectives. For that reason, outsourcing your IT support is a great way to cut-down on overhead and maximize productivity!

In addition, software, hardware and many services can be procured considerably cheaper through channels provided specifically for nonprofit organizations. We can help you navigate those channels to get the most for your money.  It is our mission to create and provide nonprofits with the resources they need to realize their objectives.

OnsiteIn60 provides nonprofit IT support solutions so you don’t have to lose time looking for and evaluating various vendors. But that’s just the beginning. Since our founding in 2001, we have proudly assisted dozens of humanitarian-driven causes. Professionally installed and custom tailored to your NPO, OnsiteIn60 designs and supports your network so you can focus on the cause for which your nonprofit was created.



Just a few of our many Nonprofit IT Support services

Nonprofit Software Support

At OnsiteIn60, we help nonprofit organizations with the configuration, adoption and support of critical IT solutions. With CRMs, you can segment donors and schedule communication. Fundraising software helps you identify and attract new donors, measure performance, and collect donations through multiple channels.

IT Budgeting & Procurement

Efficient budgeting and purchasing are some of the core challenges of any nonprofit organization. That’s why we have a Nonprofit Resource Procurement Specialist on staff. The NPRPS will assist you in planning and procuring the hardware, software and services for your nonprofit organization at significantly discounted prices.


Unlike for-profit businesses, nonprofits are often limited by a smaller budget and fewer IT staff. That’s where cloud-based technology can make a difference. With cloud solutions from OnsiteIn60, you can get the applications, servers and storage you need without having to purchase, install and manage them.


Data Protection

Of course, any nonprofit organization, big or small, stores sensitive information from its donors, volunteers, staff and members. With modern cybersecurity solutions, we can help protect your organization’s entire IT ecosystem from network and mobile devices to local data and cloud resources.

One-Stop Shop

We provide a full spectrum of nonprofit IT support, as well as a single point of contact for all your technology needs. With OnsiteIn60, you’ll always get a dedicated IT engineer who knows the nonprofit IT support your organization needs. It’s like having an in-house IT employee, but without the overhead of benefits and paid time off.

Discounted Services

In general, we make sure you spend less on technology to invest more in your mission. For example, we offer deeply discounted IT support rates for nonprofit organizations. Furthermore, we design each and every nonprofit IT support plan with your needs in mind. In addition to customized support plans, we also offer specialty service packages.

24/7 Monitoring

We also offer fast and smart remote support rather than a classic Help Desk. Our nonprofit IT support experts are on-call and usually available within a 15-minute response time. Around-the-clock server and network monitoring & maintenance can also be performed remotely to keep your critical systems up and running.

Dependable IT Partner

Since our foundation in 2001, we have helped more than 20 nonprofit organizations with their IT projects and unique technical needs. That includes highly-specialized IT support, cloud services, IT planning, budgeting and procurement, remote and onsite help, emergency IT support, and more!