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OnsiteIn60 understands the importance of working with a technology company that knows the intricacies of IT challenges facing your business. For that reason, we train our technicians in the finer points of unique hardware and software to provide a wide variety of industry solutions. As a result, our team is well-equipped to install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot complex networks in the following fields.

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Effective Industry Solutions, Strategy and Management for SMBs

In short, you’ll find the right industry solutions for your company by choosing to work with OnsiteIn60’s industry specialists. With so much professional software out there, determining just what your business needs can be confusing. However, OnsiteIn60 can help you determine the best options, whether you are starting your own business or looking to upgrade. First of all, we are well-equipped to help switch hardware and applications within your industry. In addition to daily maintenance and general user support, all of our techs have their areas of expertise. For specific industry solutions, we will always provide you a technician who has in-depth experience in your field. As a rule, this includes commonly-used hardware, software, security, and network infrastructure.

We’re also well-attuned to the unique company cultures and expectations of our clients. Likewise, we custom-tailor our industry solutions according to the major IT differences for law firms, financial institutions, healthcare providers, nonprofits, construction companies, manufacturing facilities, and schools. For example, we help law firms with the licensing, setup, maintenance and migrations of practice management and legal document management software. Likewise, we understand the finer points of plotting equipment and software used by architectural firms, as well as the need to handle large data files. We also know the mobile device connectivity requirements and back-billing procedures used by construction companies that have IT initiatives at multiple sites. When it comes to educational institutions, we can provide schedule flexibility and additional coverage during busier times, such as registration & new student set-up at the beginning of the school year.