We are offering free tech support chat to help small to medium sized businesses and home users.

We want to help ensure that everyone and every business perseveres through the COVID-19 crisis. Please reach out and tell us what you need! We can’t offer medical help, but we can give you free IT support and guidance in the transition from office to remote work. Please let us know what we can do!

A place where we post advice, experiences, and news updates for our clients and friends. We have posts about technology, security, and safety during COVID-19. Click here to check them out!

Here, you can ask our CTO any tech or business-related question. You can also read over some of the Q & A’s already posted if you don’t feel like writing out a question of your own. If you have a COVID-19 related question, please write us on the page or give us a call at 1 (877) IN SIXTY.

Our partner company, My Vanity Number, is offering special deals for people taking work calls on their cellphones. If you want to make your own customized number to give out to clients, rather than your personal cell number, then check them out!