Sandy Support: Free Tech Support for Small Businesses Affected by the Superstorm

NEW YORK, Nov. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — In an effort to help fellow small businesses in a time of need,On Site In 60, a computer consulting firm headquartered in Manhattan, is providing free remote technology disaster recovery advice for businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy.

“I am inspired by the many service men and women who came to help, and the people helping their neighbors,” said Akiva Goldstein, President of Onsite In 60. “We want to do our share and help people get back to work.”

Goldstein has been working since Sandy to help homes and businesses get their systems back in shape, catching 5 AM trains to Manhattan from his Long Island home – in one case carrying a server down 19 flights by flashlight at 110 Wall Street, where they are still expected to be without power for another week. When he’s not in Manhattan, he’s in Long Beach, helping his parents and others who live in the town which was hit hard by Sandy.

Onsite In 60 is offering free remote tech advice via phone, email or online chat through its website, They have brought in extra tech support representatives who will be online with business owners and managers, discussing options of how to get back up and running as soon as possible.

They are also offering discounted rates to those businesses that require onsite assistance. In anticipation of major subway delays, they have techs standing by across Manhattan to facilitate quick access to most locations, and are extending their regular client “onsite in 60 minutes” offer to non-client businesses needing immediate assistance due to the storm.

“Our priority today is to help as many small businesses get their technology in order or build work around plans so they can get up and running ASAP,” Goldstein said, “while still meeting our responsibilities to those businesses and home users who depend on us to keep their technology working properly and smoothly.”

Businesses affected by superstorm Sandy are encouraged to take advantage of the free remote technology support, or schedule onsite rapid response by visiting or calling (877) IN-SIXTY / (877- 467-4989).

Contact: Akiva Goldstein,, call 877.467.4989, or visit for the quickest 24×7 response

Onsite in 60 will hike, shovel and do everything possible to care for your IT and computer needs.

(PRWeb, February 9, 2010) NEW YORK, NY– Fast forward to early February and wake up with several inches or even a foot of snow on the ground. You realize that your company’s main servers have gone down and you need access to the office network from your home. Instead of panicking, Onsite in 60, a New York based computer consulting and IT firm guarantees a response within 60 minutes regardless of snow, rain, sleet or hail. Even in a blizzard, a member of Onsite in 60’s IT support team will be onsite or work remotely to determine the problem in 60 minutes or less.

“A snow-filled winter will give us an opportunity to demonstrate to our clientele how much we care about them,” Onsite in 60 CEO Mr. Akiva Goldstein says. “We are committed to keeping them connected to their servers and able to work remotely or onsite.”

Onsite in 60 was founded by Mr. Goldstein in 2001 to provide the small and medium sized businesses with a premier IT and computer consulting firm. The company offers a wide range of IT consulting opportunities and has a network of clients ranging from the non-profit sector to the finance, legal and garment industries.

During a hurricane or blizzard, additional tech support will be provided by Onsite in 60 to various parts of New York City to assist companies with their IT support needs. Namely, Wall Street, Midtown, Grammercy and Chelsea.

“While we don’t pray for snow, especially 8-13 inches or whatever is being predicted, it would certainly give us an opportunity to demonstrate some of our strengths as the fastest IT firm in the City,” Mr. Goldstein says.

About Onsite In 60: Since its inception in 2001, founder Akiva Goldstein has turned Onsite In 60 into a strong and reliant computer consulting and networking firm. The New York-based IT company caters to individuals and the SMB (small and medium-sized business) community alike across the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) uniquely offering IT support within 60 minutes or less.

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule a consult with one of our experienced IT professionals, please call Elvin Tejada at 516-637-7274 or 914-562-9357.

Elvin Tejada
Director of Operations

Onsite In 60 Announces Availability of Free Web-Based Tech Support Chat (PRWeb, December 15, 2009) NEW YORK, NY—Onsite In 60, the New York-based IT firm, today announced that it is launching a free tech support chat. Available now, the chat will serve as a live computer support center for the commercial and residential industry.

The web-based real-time chat, Onsite In 60’s newest feature, is highly scalable and readily available. It can be used by organizations ranging from single home office users to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).

“It allows us to interact with our clients and potential leads in a new and interactive way,” said chief executive and founder Akiva Goldstein in a statement. “We can now partake in an excellent community service to people or businesses interested in basic or even complex tech assistance, a common re-occurrence today.”

Available online at, the chat is designed to help users find a solution to common technical issues.

It is the unique “60 minutes or less” response time guarantee that distinguishes Onsite In 60 from the IT industry at large. This approach has helped Onsite in 60 develop over the last eight years into a reputable computer consulting and IT firm in New York.

“The web chat is an innovative, user-friendly tool for home users and the SMB,” said Akiva Goldstein.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that our free tech support chat is designed to resolve basic computer repair and networking issues. If it is determined that your company requires a more thorough inquiry, Onsite In 60 will guide you in the right direction. Onsite In 60 accepts no liability for any errors or omissions in the contents of this message and any damage caused by the support it offers.

About Onsite In 60: Since its inception in 2001, founder Akiva Goldstein has turned Onsite In 60 into a strong and reliant computer consulting and networking firm. The New York-based IT company caters to individuals and the SMB community alike across the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) uniquely offering IT support within 60 minutes or less. Feel free to contact Onsite In 60 at 877-IN-SIXTY (877-467-4989), via email at or through their web site at On Site In 60.

Elvin Tejada
Director of Operations

Onsite In 60 and Technology Never Sleep, Not Even on the Rosh Hashanah Holiday Computer consulting firm Onsite In 60 is faced with a very unique and challenging set of obstacles. Business owner Akiva Goldstein walks a fine line between orthodox Jewish law and 24/7 tech support needs of those depending on his company. New York, NY (PRWEB) September 10, 2009 — With the volatility of computers in today’s world, companies, regardless of their size or industry expect their computers and mobile devices to be up and running around the clock… even while they sleep. Orthodox Jews around the world leave work early and close their shops in preparation for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and before every Sabbath, during which time, according to Jewish law, work is strictly prohibited. There are very few exceptions to working on Sabbath, so business owners watch the clock, savoring the precious moments left before it’s time to rest. Easy, right? Not for everyone – especially, if you run a business in an industry where your clients depend on your services 24/7.

Akiva Goldstein, owner of Onsite in 60 Inc, a computer consulting company based in New York, and an observant Jew, knows this first hand. “Even the savviest technician has no way of predicting when a problem might occur,” Akiva says. The Jewish owner of a firm cannot work on the Sabbath or holidays and neither can his employees. As Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur fall out this time each year, during which work is strictly prohibited as well, you have a very unique and challenging set of obstacles for the observant Jew managing a computer and information technology support company, not only for himself, but for his employees as well.

Since Jewish law can be very intricate and complex, can these challenges be met? Are there options available that will not deviate from following the strictest code of Jewish law? The answer is yes. The first step, according to Mr. Goldstein, is to create computer networks for your clientele where fewer technical problems occur, minimizing potential client contact on the Sabbath and respective holidays. Next, it is vital to consult an experienced Orthodox Rabbi knowledgeable in business transactions and Jewish law. One of the most important keys, which will allow the company to function during the Sabbath and Jewish Holidays, is the concept of “selling” the business to an employee of the non-Jewish faith. In this case, a rabbi assisted Mr. Goldstein in properly creating the Sabbath Contract for his IT consulting company and understanding the responsibilities with which it entailed. This contract has allowed Mr. Goldstein’s company On Site in 60 to succeed while Mr. Goldstein maintains his religious affiliations. Lastly, Mr. Goldstein prides himself in making sure the right plan of action is in place for those times where he himself cannot be reached.

For more information about the services provided by Onsite in 60, Inc., visit On Site In 60 or call (877) IN-SIXTY or 877-467-4989, for 60 minute Rapid Response. Go to Free Tech Support Chat page to speak with a representative. Akiva Goldstein is available for phone interviews as well.

About Onsite In 60 Inc – Since its foundation in 2001, ONSITE IN 60 has continually pursued a very simple objective, “To provide the best IT services in the SMB industry”. The singular focus of ONSITE IN 60 is to support the businesses of SMB organizations across the New York Tri-State Area, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Onsite in 60 specializes in consulting and provides support to the Dental, Financial, Health Care, Legal, Media, Design and Non-Profit sectors. Onsite In 60 was acknowledged as the Best Computer 911 by New York Magazine in 2007, and the Hot Business Concept by AJL Magazine.