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IT consulting rates are charged in different ways. Choosing the right method to meets your company’s needs ensures you will receive reliable service at a price you can afford. Consulting is typically charged at an hourly rate. Converting that hourly rate to annual salary is as simple as multiplying it by 2080 (40hrs x 52 weeks). And while that offers a good comparison to the cost of having a full-time in-house employee, you may decide that you don’t need nearly that many hours. Many other factors will play a role in determining the type of IT support that best meets your needs and your budget.

If you’ve decided you don’t need a full-time in-house IT department, you’ll find a few alternatives:

Scheduled Onsite Rates

1 hour minimum per onsite visit

Billed per ¼ hour after the first onsite consulting hour.

IT Consulting Rates vary depending on the office location, schedule and other variables.

We do not charge any travel time rates for scheduled office support for regular clients

Traditional IT Consulting Firms

Pros: Wide range of technical experience & hours of availability.
Cons: For most small to medium businesses, the high IT consulting rates of a large IT firm are simply cost prohibitive. While the hours of coverage may be good, getting a different tech sent to your office each call or having to re-explain the problem to someone unfamiliar with your network ultimately wastes your time and money. Even if you can reserve one particular technician, these firms will often lock you into a support plan on their own schedule, not yours.


The "One Man Shop" IT Consultant

Pro: A freelance IT consultant may offer lower hourly IT consulting rates than a larger IT company.
Cons: Slow response times and lack of availability are a common complaint, due to one tech having to run around to other clients. When you factor in sick days or vacations… 24/7 coverage becomes impossible! That’s not practical for real companies. Without a team of experienced techs, the range of IT knowledge and expertise from one technician may also be limited. You won’t save any money if you end up having to hire another consultant to solve a specific problem.


IT Recruiting Firms

Pro: A recruiting firm will send you a tech that they believe meets your criteria. You save time, especially if you are unfamiliar with the specific
requirements of IT support.
Cons: Tech consultants hired through IT recruiters are similar to a “one man shop,” except you will have to pay much higher IT consulting rates for the opportunity to swap techs if the current one doesn’t work out. Going through an IT recruiter is often the most expensive way to get a good network tech.


Onsite in 60 Offers the best of all worlds!

Unlike large traditional consulting firms, “one man shops”, or recruiting agencies, we cater to the specific needs of small to medium businesses (SMB). As an outsourced IT company, our IT consulting rates may be higher than a “one-man shop”, but our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that you’d never find in one tech. We have specialists covering a wide range of fields and industries, but you’ll be assigned a dedicated network tech to learn the specifics of your network. Best of all, our team of certified network engineers means you’ll always have a backup tech available 24/7, 365 days a year, eliminating any holes in coverage.



See which of our plans best fits your company

No. Of Company
Hourly Rate
Weekly Visit
Free Offsite
Data Backup
Monthly Rates
5 - 10$80-$105/hrNoNo$300/Month
11 - 2560-$80/hrYesYes$700/Month
26 - 40$45-60/hrYesYes$2000/Month
41+Call for QuoteYesYes$4000/Month

Remote Support & IT Consulting Rates

Remote support is free for the first 10 minutes, whether it’s virtual remote support or phone support.

Billed per ¼ hour after the first half hour for businesses under a tech support plan.

These remote support rate plans are for businesses only, not for residential.

With Onsite in 60, You'll also get the following features & benefits

24/7/365 coverage

The fastest response times in the industry

Offsite data backup

Non-profit 501-3C organizations may apply for discounted rates of 20% or more

Technical support provided by an experienced, elite, award-winning IT firm

Nationwide tech support available both remotely and onsite

Flexible Hourly or Flat Weekly & Monthly pricing

24×7 internet monitoring (11 Employees or More)

Flexible Hourly or Flat Weekly & Monthly pricing

24×7 server monitoring (11 Employees or More)