Cloud Services

We provide data solutions and cloud services for your business.

Building and maintaining your own system is fraught with pitfalls that can cause your workflow to come to a screeching halt. With Onsite in 60's cloud services, your business can count on our enterprise-grade equipment and personnel. Our team makes sure your system stays up so your company can run smoothly. Most importantly, we design each custom cloud-based IT solution specifically for your company, offering unmatched security, speed, and support.

Cloud Services We Offer:

Server & Infrastructure Hosting

We created Onsite in 60's cloud services specifically for businesses. We offer all of the top applications for a variety of industries. First, our plan provides a base package that includes the complete Microsoft® Office suite. You'll also get the latest anti-virus and anti-spam protection and nightly backups of your data.

Voice Over IP Hosting

Save money, time and the inconvenience of out-dated phones by transferring to a VoIP system, hosted in the cloud.  Onsite in 60 offers clients optimal voice solutions by delivering voice traffic using an Internet connection. We are confident that our elite technical support team will meet all of your telecommunications challenges. We also assist in design, analysis and management of the voice systems for your company.

Exchange Email Hosting

Don’t put your sensitive messages at risk with free or ISP-provided email service. Hosted Exchange is reliable, secure, and economical.
In addition, Onsite in 60 can help your company maintain security compliance, protect their data and honor their ethical obligations.

User Desktop Hosting

Now you can access everything in your personal desktop environment, from anywhere, at any time!

Software & Application Hosting

These days, with all the business software applications available, determining what you need can be confusing. Our Industry Application Specialists will help you determine the best options, whether you're starting a company or switching management applications.  On the other hand, do you already like what you’re using, but want more access? If so, we can easily migrate your existing software to your cloud-based environment.

Document Management

From the moment a business idea is hatched, plans, contracts, receipts and valuable client records create a large volume of files. Every year, the amount of information grows. Eventually, accessing stored files from countless folders and drives can be a frustrating process. Document Management applications provide efficiency with an organized, systematic approach to filing, storing and retrieving the valuable information you created.