Onsite in 60 Technology Solutions Partners

Some of our technology solutions partners include:

Become an Onsite in 60 Referral Partner

We often hear clients ask about IT-related products and services that are outside of what our business does. They need things like web & software development, website & app design, phone & electrical wiring, electronics repair and technical support, and even climate control services. Whenever possible, if we don’t provide the service ourselves, we try to recommend someone who does.

We also appreciate it when companies refer their clients to us. That’s why we’re offering IT-related businesses an opportunity to join our Referral Partner Program. Expand your service offerings while earning commission on referrals! When we get more business, you get paid a monthly commission, and the client gets what they need. Everybody wins!

Call us today to find out how you can become a Referral Partner. We’ll pay you a 5% commission on the gross income from every referral, which for our services is around 10% of the net. You’ll receive payments monthly for as long as your referrals do business with us. You won’t have any obligation, but you’ll be paid commission for whatever referrals you provide. You can refer as much or as little as you want!