IT Manager’s Dream

Onsite in 60 truly is an IT Manager’s Dream! We work with you in various ways!
We support IT Managers happy with their current job situation by acting as the PERFECT complement!
Tired of all the annoying user issues distracting you from the important daily tasks?

Sign up for our 5- 10- 20 hour block Remote Helpdesk, for a dedicated helpdesk tech who will follow your instructions and be the first line of defense for your user issues!  
At rates of $20/ hr, you will have all the user support coverage you need!

Backup support for when you are out sick, on vacation…

If you have a migration, or critical issue, we are here to assist you in the planning or emergency scenarios.  We work with many IT Managers, and are many if their greatest resource.  Our job is to make YOU more successful!

If you are not happy with your current IT Manager position, the company, salary, and location, we can assist by discussing options and preferences that you may have.   We are partnered with to help assist you in getting the PERFFECT IT MANAGEMENT job!  Between the full-time job openings at and also at you are sure to find what you are seeking!