Remote IT Support

Remote + On-call Onsite = Perfect Flexible Support Plan

Remote Support Wherever  You Are

While most of our office support is done onsite at the business, there are times when remote computer support is the better and more cost effective solution.

Onsite in 60’s remote support is available as scheduled maintenance or on-call. Our costs of supporting you in this manner are lower, and we are able to pass on the substantial savings to you. For most firms that do pro-active maintenance, about 90% or more of their support should fall under this category. We will always call or email to notify you of network and server maintenance, and ask about any open issues during the remote support visit.

Benefits of our Remote Computer Support Plan

Even faster than our signature Onsite in 60 minute guarantee

Remote macOS support as well as Windows support

Billed at 1/4 hourly intervals to ensure maximum cost savings 
over onsite tech consulting visits

Used for VPN satellite offices “Road Warrior” consulting support