Our Clients

Onsite in 60 provides all the functions and stability of a
Fortune 500 IT department in a single outsourced service.

Onsite in 60 provides on-site and remote part-time or full-time personnel to address any and all technology-related issues without the overhead of health benefits, worker’s comp and paid vacation of an in-house employee. Call or request support after-hours and you’ll get a live person immediately. We can troubleshoot your connections, help you with an application error or answer any other type of IT question.

Small & Medium Sized Business

Onsite in 60 caters to small and growing businesses that either do not want an IT department, or want to reduce the overall costs of day-to-day work.

Law Firms

We are the IT partner of choice for many law firms due to our extensive industry experience and rapid response. We can assist with determining what type of document management, case management or data archiving solutions would best meet your needs. Our knowledge of the technologies and applications used in a variety of legal fields is unparalleled.

Architectural Firms

Our specialists know the unique software and hardware used in the architecture industry. Our experience with AutoCAD, Revit, BIM and Vectorworks softwares and well as plotter support sets us apart from the average IT consulting company. Managing a large volume of big files is another primary IT concern. We’ve got you covered with our document management solutions, including data archival procedures, large volume data storage and secure data center rack space.

Construction Companies

Onsite in 60 has supported numerous construction companies with their internal networks as well as remote locations. We have experience setting up temporary trailer construction site offices, complex remote networking, cloud services, and billing back procedures so you can keep your projects separate. The ever-changing locations and unique setups make construction site some of our most exciting projects.

Non-Profit Organization

We provide Non-Profits with IT solutions so you don’t have to lose time looking for and evaluating various vendors. We have a Non-Profit Resource Procurement Specialist (NPRPS) on staff that can work with you to procure hardware, software, and services at significantly discounted prices through channels provided specifically for Non-Profit organizations.

Senior Care & Rehabilitation Centers

Since our founding, we have proudly assisted dozens of quality-driven and patient-focused organizations. We have a Healthcare Technology Specialist (HTS) with experience supporting medical rehabilitation and nursing home infrastructure. Professionally installed and custom tailored to your facility, Onsite in 60 designs and supports your network so you can support your residents.

Some of our past and current clients include