Non-Profit Organizations

IT Services for Non Profit Organizations

Onsite in 60 provides IT services for Non Profit organizations. We offer complete Computer and Technology Support solutions so you don’t have to lose time looking for and evaluating various IT vendors. Professionally installed and custom tailored to your Non-Profit, Onsite in 60 designs and supports your network to help you focus on the cause for which your organization was created.

Free or Discounted Tech Support Services

We understand that managing a Non-Profit organization’s computer network is very different than a corporate network. While there may be numerous solutions that would work in the corporate arena, not all work in the NFP setting. Luckily, software, hardware and many other services can be procured considerably cheaper through channels specifically provided for Non-Profit organizations. It is our mission to create and provide NPOs with the services and resources that will enable them to realize their goals and objectives. Since our founding in 2001, we have assisted in humanitarian driven causes and the organizations who support them. So far, we have supported over 20 Non-Profit organizations at deeply discounted rates through the years.

Free Services

Onsite in 60 offers the following free or discounted tech support services to Non-Profit organizations:

Network Cabling

Email Move Planning

Conference Room Design 
Server Room Design

VOIP / Phone Systems

Tech Support Consulting

Security Cameras

Data Backup Prior To Move

Projector Mounting

Data Backup Prior To Move

Discounted Services

Network / Computer Support 
and Consulting

Web Design

Data Center Resources


Network / Phone Cabling

Network / Computer Support 
and Consulting


Non-Profit Resource Procurement Specialist (NPRPS)

All members of our staff carry out network and computer support. However due to the specific needs in the Non-Profit field, we have a Non-Profit Resource Procurement Specialist (NPRPS) on staff that will work together with you. The NPRPS has been working with organizations such as yours, and can use many of the tools and tricks learned in his experience to procure hardware, software, and services at significantly discounted prices. This is his entire responsibility, so more resources are at his disposal than someone who is not wholly committed to a Non-Profit’s needs. They will assist in creating a list of resources, grants, and companies that focus on helping similar organizations and may be of benefit to your Non-Profit. It is also the NPRPS’s responsibility to keep up-to-date on the latest Non-Profit technology news, events and offerings to better serve your needs.

Especially in today’s economy, Non-Profits must ensure that they are getting the lowest prices for all hardware and software needed to properly run their organizations, and forward their goals. We are proud to assist with all their computer network needs.