New Server Installation

New Server Installation in New York

Allow Onsite in 60 the opportunity to find a cost effective solution for your company.

At Onsite in 60, we pride ourselves on fast and easy new server installations as well as migrations. For regular clients, Onsite in 60 guarantees a 60-minute response to areas throughout New York and New Jersey. Our server experts have strong backgrounds in new server installation, server migration, Exchange, and Windows servers. Onsite in 60’s New York and New Jersey staff is comprised of Microsoft Certified (Systems) Engineers. We can help you with all your needs in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008. Our expertise in new server installation, server migration, Exchange and Windows Server support puts us among the elite in the industry.

Why is a new server installation necessary?

Migration and consolidation of old file servers is a recurring theme in the workplace. Inevitably, a new server installation or server migration is an important responsibility when it comes to efficient storage management and backup. Eventually, your server begins to outgrow its storage capacity. As a result, we must consolidate to save time, resources, and most importantly, money. Afterward, we still have to manage the new or migrated server. If it is consequently mismanaged, problems may arise. In some cases, data may be destroyed. And as a result, funds then have to be redirected to restoring documents and other software. Therefore, it is best to properly plan and execute a new server installation or server migration right from the start.

Furthermore, data backup and server protection is crucial to the health and continued success of your respective organization. Initially, upon installation and configuration of a new server, migrated server, Exchange server or Windows server, it is in your best interest to maintain regular data backups and a functional server support system. This is especially true for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008. Still, do not be disappointed if your server fails. It happens. By employing Onsite in 60 in New York or New Jersey to help you with all your Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008, you’ll be up and running in no time.

3 fundamental reasons to choose Onsite in 60 for your new server installation, server migration, Exchange server or Windows server support in New York and New Jersey:


Our wide range of services includes Exchange Server Installation (hosting email like Outlook), Print Server Installation (hosting a printer for an entire office space), New Server Installation, Server Migration Server Support as well as Windows Server support.

Our name says it all! At Onsite in 60 we respond to your needs within 60 minutes for onsite support and 15 minutes for remote. Our well-trained IT staff in New York will work diligently to resolve your server-related issue in a timely and cost efficient fashion.

Most importantly, our competitive rates are guaranteed: No strings attached and no hidden fees.

Whether you need a new server installation, a server migration, Exchange server, or Windows server support, you can count on us. Onsite in 60 installs, repairs and maintains server quickly and efficiently. For instance, if a new server, Exchange server, or Windows server malfunctions, a notification will alert our engineers instantly. Because of this, we can immediately analyze and repair the server whether it is located in New York or New Jersey.

We handle new/Exchange/Windows server issues onsite as well as remotely, depending on your situation. It is our strong and professional recommendation to maintain both onsite and remote coverage for your new/Exchange/Windows server. As a result, our Microsoft Certified (Systems) Engineers can handle any server problems 24/7.

Other Services We Provide in New York and New Jersey

Full-time or part-time onsite support.

Server installation and consulting services.

Database Server Installation.

POS (Point of Sale) Server Installation.

Server Updates and Patch Management.

Active Directory Setup and Installation.

Server Hardware and Software Upgrades.

Print Server Setup and Installation.

Exchange Server Installation and Consulting.

Business Application Installation and Consulting.

Web Server Installation and Consulting.

Microsoft Small Business Server Installation and Consulting

File Server Installation.

Server Alerts and Monitoring.

Server Security and Management.

Onsite in 60 offers new server installation, server maintenance, server upgrades and server migration services for small to medium-sized businesses in New York and New Jersey. If you are just getting started on a database, email server or new server environment, our server installation experts will assist you in the process.

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