Law Firms

Law firms are unique, with specific IT needs focusing on reliability and redundancy.
Downtime is not an option.

Experts in PC law, SAGA, Time Matters, Billing Matters, Tabs and Aderant

Onsite in 60 has been providing 24/7 Legal Tech Support in NY, NJ and CT for over 15 years.  We have experience in the various technologies and applications used by firms in all legal fields. We know the specific IT needs for business law, real estate, maritime and many other areas of practice.  A Law Firm IT Specialist can assist with determining which document management, case management or data archiving solutions would best meet your needs.

In addition to software knowledge, Onsite in 60 provides all the functions and stability of a Fortune 500 IT department in a single outsourced service. We cater to firms that do not want an IT department, or want to reduce overall costs of IT work. Onsite in 60 provides part-time or full-time onsite personnel to address any and all technology-related issues. Best of all, there are no soft costs of an employee such as health benefits, workers comp or paid vacation.

More law firms choose Onsite in 60 due to our expert legal experience and rapid response. Most importantly, our Law Firm IT specialist team understands Law Firm culture as well as Legal applications.

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