Free Network Assessment

When you request a Network Assessment from Onsite in 60, we’ll send a certified and qualified network
tech to your office and perform a thorough network assessment at no charge.

Network Assessment for New York Companies

Our free network assessment is often the best way to get a clear report on current problems, solutions and improvements. Usually, having a “fresh pair of eyes” take a look at your network catches things your current tech might miss. That’s because it may be difficult for a network engineer who is already providing network support to also supply a “no-holds-barred” network assessment. As a result, you may experience unresolved network issues that affect productivity. Ultimately, that affects your bottom line.

By performing a Free Network Assessment, Onsite in 60 network engineers
can accomplish the following

First, we provide an objective review of the current network architecture

Then we discuss current tech problems your users are experiencing

Next, we'll create a report detailing network problems found and discussed

And finally, we'll provide cost-effective solutions to improve reliability, speed and security

The Next Step: How do I schedule a Network Assessment?

If your network consulting company is often troubleshooting the same computer and network problems, it may be time for a Free Network Assessment. Schedule your same-day or next-day Network Assessment by calling (877)IN-SIXTY or by e-mailing us at