Firewall Management

It All Starts With Proper Firewall Security.

Firewall Management from Network Security Experts

These days, businesses store, access and share their data more easily than ever. Unfortunately, with this convenience comes additional data security risks. Hackers target data that might seem worthless to anyone outside your company. However, if it can be hacked or stolen, chances are good that someone is already trying to get to it. So, how can you keep your data safe? Onsite in 60 has the solutions you need.

According to network security experts, businesses can avoid online attacks by placing more importance on their network security efforts. Security threats may come from competing companies, disgruntled ex-employees or even random mischief. Our consultants provide a complete network and software audit to expose potential holes in security. In addition, we help you avoid future risks with constant remote network monitoring and maintenance. Let us manage every aspect of your network security, so you can stay a step ahead of the hackers.

It all begins with firewall management. While a small company may start out with a cheap Linksys or Netgear firewall, those are designed for home networks. They cannot provide the network security that a professional-grade Sonicwall or Cisco firewall can. Onsite in 60 supports many firewall solutions and all of the popular hardware and software vendors. Cisco provides a terrific and reliable Cisco ASA and Cisco PIX firewall. Sonicwall offers the Soho firewall. Although we are vendor neutral, we can provide you with a list of good options. After installation, we maintain security with 24/7 firewall management.