Disaster Recovery

Have you tested your disaster recovery plan lately?

Businesses often overlook one of the most important aspects of their disaster recovery plan, which is testing it!
You can experience many benefits from scheduled testing.

Tests ensure that data can be quickly recovered and made available if a technology crisis occurs.

Staff will build awareness of recovery procedures by conducting planned maintenance.

As a result, we can help refine the plan for an overall smoother recovery process.

We can provide your business with a disaster plan for offices in New York, New Jersey or anywhere else in the tri-state area.

Our experts understand the importance of IT disaster recovery in New York. They will work with you to create secure backups in a remote location. Only people you choose with have access to the backups. We also provide IT disaster recovery plan support services based on the particular needs of your business. We’ll look at the files you need backed up as well as your specific budget. Furthermore, our team works with all types of small to medium-sized businesses in New York. You may think that backing up your PC, Windows, Mac or Linux processor may save some files or data. However, we recommend planning with our disaster recovery experts in New York to secure a safe and remote location.

Onsite in 60 also operates at the highest level when it comes to IT disaster recovery. We ensure that your files and server are not only backed up to a secure location, but also give you immediate access in the event of a natural disaster or power outage. Our experts install the necessary hardware and software to ease your concerns. We’ll also help you create a clear & concise documented Disaster Recovery Plan.

Our experts can help you plan and decide the best solution for backing up your files and data to a remote location. Contact us now for a FREE consultation.