Construction Companies

Construction Industry IT Support is unique due to the ever-changing locations and setup of each project.

Temporary IT Trailers, Cloud-Based Remote Offices & Project Billing Compliance

Onsite in 60 supports construction companies with their internal networks, remote locations and all construction industry IT support needs. You’ll need many temporary connections for the remote construction sites to communicate with a main office in the “cloud”. We understand construction industry IT support, construction worker culture, as well as creative network planning. Often, construction companies work on multiple sites and projects at once. Because of this, we understand that complying with your billing back procedures to keep your projects separate is critical.

When planning, implementing, supporting and eventually breaking down a construction industry IT support office, we consider many network factors. Most often, Onsite in 60 sets up and supports temporary construction trailer offices, for around 6-24 months. We set up the trailers with computers, printers, plotters, phones, phone lines, main Internet and backup Internet connections. Additionally, we always include indoor and outdoor security cameras, with various capabilities and recording options, in your game plan.

Due to so many inter-related construction staff working at once, any downtime can cause missed deadlines and delays. Therefore, we help to ensure that the staff on location can work as soon as permits are approved and blue prints have been handed over. It makes setting up and providing construction industry IT support some of the most exciting projects we work on!

Construction companies choose Onsite in 60 as their IT partner of choice due to our onsite experience and rapid response.

Call or email us to schedule a meeting to discuss your construction company’s technology environment, possible improvements and support cost savings. Call or request support after-hours and get a live person immediately. We are your unlimited helpdesk. We can troubleshoot your connection, help you with an application error, or answer any type of IT question.