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Rated "Best Computer 911"
by New York Magazine

It’s official. Onsite In 60 offers the IT consulting NY companies want. Our consultants are the best Computer 911 specialists in New York. Because we provide IT network support within 60 minutes or less, we’ve been rated “Best Computer 911” by New York Magazine!

First of all, Onsite in 60 delivers the very best IT consulting, support, & services for small and growing New York businesses.

Computer, printer and server networking

IT as well as network security

Additional secure wireless network to connect your network.

Contain virus outbreaks with proper antivirus solutions including Symantec, Trend, and Cisco solutions

Cat5e as well as Cat6 Network Cabling for new offices

Data backup and data recovery

Windows, Mac and Linux support

DSL and Cable Router support

VoIP (Voice over IP)

Secondly, our 24/7 Network Emergency Hotline means you can always reach our qualified IT Consultants in New York City.

Call our Rapid Response IT Consulting New York City Hotline and your call will be answered and routed to our best IT support technician (who already knows you or your network), or a backup technician. Furthermore, backup IT consultants in NY are always on call to ensure you receive the tech support you need, when you need it.


Data Backup is not the same as Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning.

Often, companies back up their data but then realize they can’t access it in a network emergency. It takes a knowledgeable and experienced IT consulting team like Onsite in 60 to design and implement a Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan. In addition to backing up your data, these plans ensure that the backed up data will also be available in case of a network server crash, hardware failure, or virus.


Another Important Support Method is Remote IT consulting.

While some business clients prefer IT consultants to come onsite to their office, some would rather we support them remotely. Most often, a mixture of the two methods is the most productive and cost-effective solution.


Most importantly, you'll get the best IT Consulting NY Support Options and Pricing.

1-3 days per week of scheduled consulting support consisting of 1-3 hours per visit

Monthly IT Consulting Maintenance and Report

Weekly IT Consulting Maintenance and Report 

Unscheduled IT Consulting on an As Needed Basis

Flexible hourly rate of $50-105/hr depending on the time (days, hours) an IT consultant will be providing support onsite and/or remotely.

Finally, Get Free Services in addition to great IT Consulting NY Style.

Since Onsite In 60 provides IT consulting NY & NJ companies rely on, we also know the best way to complete client support needs. In addition to providing many New York and New Jersey companies with all of their IT and support needs, the following services are offered free of charge from our data center rack space:

Internet Uptime Monitoring

Server and Exchange / Email Uptime Monitoring.

Backup Success Monitoring

Encrypted and HIPAA-compliant free Offsite Data Backup
(Part of Disaster Recovery Plan)

As well as many other services